Environmental advances in the Bajío: Guanajuato and Querétaro implement ecological taxes

Guanajuato and Querétaro, in the Bajío region of Mexico, stand out for implementing ecological taxes to address environmental issues. Querétaro has established taxes for environmental remediation in material extraction, gas emissions, and waste disposal, while Guanajuato has created taxes for emissions of polluting gases, soil and water pollutants, and waste disposal.   The Bajío is […]

Mexico is remaining behind in technological innovation: low patent registration.

  Mexico faces a concerning phenomenon about patent registration, registering only 981 patents in Mexico in 2022, reflecting a low innovation level in the country compared to how other countries that have driven the industrial revolution and the technological transition at globally. This low number haven’t been seen since 2010, which represents a 12-year setback […]

Low inflation does not mean price reduction, experts warn

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) has informed that inflation rate in Mexico during may was 5.84%, lower than 7.65% recorded in the same month of the previous year. At first glance, this could look like a positive indicator of lower prices; however, experts warn that this is not the case. Despite the […]

Mexican Peso reaches its highest value in 7 years

The Mexican peso is making gains against the US dollar on Monday morning, reaching it’s highest value in sevenyears, fluctuating with a maximum price of 17.3239 units and a minimum of 17.2413 units. This increase occurs in a market that is awaiting important economic data and relevant information on monetary policy that will be releasedduring this week. […]